Advanced SEO Our advanced SEO service implements Structured Data or the Data Highlighter to help Google understand the content of your site.
This affects the appearance of your page in a Google Search, and displays your content in a useful eye-catching way.
SEO, Structured Data, Data Highlighter
SEO, Structured Data, Data Highlighter
Structured Data

Structured Data is code that you can add to your website pages to describe your content to search engines. Search engines can use this data to display your content in useful eye-catching ways, directly in search results. This makes it easier for users to reach information you provide when they search. It is an effective way of sparking interest, prior to them viewing your website.
Data Highlighter

Now there’s a new alternative to markup your content and help Google understand your website data. With Data Highlighter, Google can present your data more attractively and in new ways. Improve your look in search results and let users see your key information immediately.

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